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History of MRE

In 2015 the company had founded Maintenance Resources Europe in Budapest,Hungary. The team members are very experienced Nonstop System Software Engineers and System Administration experts. They expand their services for current and new clients as a team MRE.

Why choose MRE?

Our passion is NonStop. We understand the philosophy of NonStop systems and business critical applications, so we understand our customer’s needs.

Due to our complex NonStop services we can provide you a comprehensive solution for your NonStop systems, and we can easily extend the life of, and your investment in, this wonderful platform.

MRE can offer a superior service, with a very knowledgeable and experienced group of customer engineers and specialists with 15-20 years experience to operate and administrate business critical systems and applications (HP NonStop systems: K-Series, S-Series, Itanium and Blade machines) while still saving our customers money.

What could we offer?

MRE  team have very experienced Nonstop System Software Engineers and System Administration experts operating out of Budapest.  

MRE provides NonStop users a complex system management service that will manage, maintain and operate their NonStop systems.

We ensure  24×7 remote system management, and on-call duty.

With customers all around the World, MRE is positioned to help with any of your HP Nonstop hardware, software or service needs. 

Low overhead allows us to offer this type of service at substantial cost savings.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to create long term relationships with all of our customers.

MRE is committed to provide our customers with unparalleled customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and excellent service. Our extensive inventory provides us with the means to supply the Tandem HP NonStop systems and upgrades that you need.

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