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Services/Solutions/Service Offerings

System Management

24x7 On-call

Install, configure, upgrade NonStop OS

Configure and maintain TCP and Expand Network

Implement and execute backups

Disc space and filemanagement

Disaster recovery planning

Configuration Analysis

Problem identification

Analysis of system and procedures to avoid potential problems

Capacity planning, tuning, performance analysis

Plan and design NonStop systems

Hardware Support

24x7 On-call

Running system health checks

Execution of hardware error analysis, log analysis

Software Support

24x7 On-call

Execution of software error analysis, find a workaround and/or solutions of a software bug or error

Log analysis

System Monitoring and Automation

24x7 On-call

Monitoring and automate system and application operations and batch processing

Support 7x24 operations to create alerts and measures

Create performance and availability reports

Security Management

Create security concepts

Install and configure NonStop security softwares

Create security reports

Assist and support customer through audits

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