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 Automation and Monitoring

Benefits of using automation and monitoring tools?

Keep your eyes 7x24 hour a day on your HP systems .

Provide early warning of business process vulnerability – applications and hardware.

Automatically escalate faults and restart critical business processes.

Monitoring tool will alert your IT teams when system, user, application and process loads are approaching thresholds set by you. They won’t have to search for knock on effects, because some monitoring tools automatically gives you this information an the problem can be visualized and a fix put in place without delay. We have deep experience about set up monitoring tools, make thresholds, configure the limits and values and make automated actions which could be triggered by an alarm and able to solve automatically the occurred problem.

Technical overview

We have experience a following monitoring and or automation tools to

set up, install, configuring:

Review, install and set IR Prognosis

Review , install and set Reflex 80:20

Review, install and set Momi

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